Mother Richlain N.K. Quire, My lovely Wife & Partner in Ministry
Retired Bishop & Mother Arthur Flomo Kulah, Bishop Emeritus
Dean & Members of the Cabinet
Rev. Julius A. Lewis & Rev. J. Albert Barchue, Conference Speakers
Our Partners in Ministry
Local & International Guests
Government Officials
The Liberia Council of Churches & Other Faith Communities
Conference Officials
Ministerial & Lay Members
Observers, Brothers & Sisters in the Faith:

Charles Wesley, brother of John Wesley-(1707-1788) wrote this great
hymn- titled –
“And Are We Yet Alive”

1. And are we yet alive, and see each other’s face?
Glory and thanks to Jesus give for his almighty grace!

2. What troubles have we seen, what mighty conflicts past,
fighting without, and fears within, since we assembled last!

The last stanza sings:

“Let us take up the cross till we the crown obtain,
and gladly reckon all things loss so we may Jesus gain.”

Whose face do you see when you hear this hymn?

My Fellow United Methodists, for many of you who have served as
members to Annual Conference, it may be the face of a longtime friend
who has been absent from our sight for an entire year. And although there
have been many troubles and conflicts “since we assembled last” (stanza
3), we are able to embrace each other in the fellowship we share in Christ
and pick up right where we left off.

Charles originally conceived his hymn in four eight-line stanzas instead of
the six four-line stanzas we have today.

The original four stanzas represent a progression through the Wesleyan
“way of salvation”. The first stanza reminds us that God’s prevenient
grace has been present with us, preserving and protecting us even in our
absence from one another; the second, that God’s justifying grace has
saved us from sin and imputed to us his righteousness. In the third stanza,
we see that God’s redeeming grace has saved us and starts the work of
regeneration in us. The final (omitted) stanza reminds us that God’s
sanctifying grace continues to work in us until the day we finally meet
Christ, moving us from our imperfect state to entire sanctification. Amen!

The Psalmist also says in Psalm 133-1

“How good and how pleasant it is when brethren dwell together in unity”.
How wonderful and how excellent it is to quote this great hymn of our
Church as we gather once more for this Annual Gathering to celebrate the
191 st Session of the Liberia Annual Conference of The United Methodist
Church at Mount First United Methodist Church – (Unification Pavilion-
Fair Grounds) in the Port City of Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

My Brothers and Sisters in the Faith, God has been good to us, even in the
midst of our challenges and storms. God’s grace, brethren, is sufficient for
us day by day, moment by moment as we go through this barren land.

Let it be known to us all that if it had not been the Lord who was on our
side, our enemies would have swallowed us up in 2023. But thanks be to
God who gave us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. To God alone
be the glory, for great things he has done, and greater things he will do.

I am indeed delighted, and especially overwhelmed as Bishop of the
Liberia Episcopal Area of the United Methodist Church to deliver to you a
vivid description of our stewardship for the past conference year, which
was characterized by many challenges and storms which we encountered
in the midst of our ministry.

While we faced the challenges and storms in the midst of our ministry
during the year under review, God being our helper, our church’s doors
were opened to worshipers. The Word of God was proclaimed, converts
were made, baptism/confirmation, all as parts of the worship experience
were exercised. Districts and Circuits held their respective charge, as well
as district conferences as scheduled. We give God the glory for His
Almighty grace.

As part of our Episcopal duties, we visited some of the districts/circuit
during the conference year. Those districts and circuit visited during the
period under review include: Monrovia, Kakata/Farmington River, Weala,
Kokoyah, Jorquelleh, Gompa, Lofa River, Guinea Circuit and Gbarnga
Districts. We could not reach to all of our districts/circuits due to the
current economic situation in our country.

However, we managed to have reached those districts/circuit we could not
visit due to financial constraints via mobile phones. Let me say ‘Bravo’
to our Superintendents for serving God under extreme difficulties,
especially the issue which has to do with transportation to move from one
point to another. Some of our Superintendents have to walk 4-6 hours to
get to some of their local churches in order to do ministry. This,
Conference, has claimed my serious attention and something urgent needs
to be done.


I, therefore call on all “GOOD UNITED METHODISTS” to support this
worthy cause for the growth and development of our Church. Praise the


In continuation of our responsibilities, we were able to make the
following international trips during the year under review:

1. We made our first International trip to Maputo, Mozambique, at the
invitation of the Board of Global Ministries for a Consultation on
United Methodist Mission in Africa from April 17-19, 2023. We
traveled along with Bro. EmMersyn Harris, Director, Connectional
Ministries, LAC/UMC, as requested by the board. The meeting was
held under a very peaceful atmosphere.

2. Our second International trip took us to Lubumbashi, DRC from
September 3-7, 2023 for the COLLEGES OF AFRICAN BISHOPS
LEARNING RETREAT which was held under the theme:
WORSHIP”. This gathering was very fruitful and rewarding as we,
as African Bishops, learned and discussed worship in the African

3. Our last International visit took us to Lake Junaluska, North
Carolina, U.S.A. from November 6-11 for the Council of Bishops’
Meeting. At this meeting, discussion surrounding the future of the
Church and the 2024 General Conference were held. I am grateful
to God Almighty for my participation in these global gatherings
during these crucial and critical moments in the history of the
United Methodist Church. To God be the glory, for great things He
has done, and greater things He will do.

I am delighted to inform you that there exists a very cordial working
relationship between the Conference Board of Laity and the Episcopal
Office. The Acting Conference Lay Leader, Sis. Theresa Marpu Davies is
always involved, participating in nearly every activity of the Church.

The Conference Hall Project which was adopted at the 189 th Session,
headed by the Board of Laity remains their paramount priority. Details
will be heard in the State of the Laity address. Bravo to Sis. Davies and
the entire Laity of our Church for the job well done. In the same vein, I
am pleased to announce to this august body the arrival and presence of our
Lay Leader, Dr. Tolbert Nyenswah!

The Ministries with Men, Women, Young Adult, Youth, Children, the
Ageing, Evangelism, as well as other Ministries within our church are all
functional. We praise God for the leadership of these Ministries for the
job well done. Details will emerge in the Connectional Ministries’ Report.

Conference, the Young Peoples’ Ministry of our Church needs to be
looked at critically as there are concerning issues within that ministry.
We encourage the department and the Council on Young People’s
Ministry to work harder and more carefully with them in this regard.


It is said that communication serves as a link between a nation, an
institution and people. We are proud to highlight that through the
Department of Communications of the Liberia Annual Conference of the
United Methodist Church, our Website which was dormant for years
because of some circumstances has been restored. The official launch was
held on October 20, 2023 at the David Tweh Toe Conference Room. We
are grateful to Sis. Shelia Mayfield, Director, UMCOM and Bro. Pacome
Nguessan of UMCOM/UMBN for their steadfastness in the process. We
are also grateful to all those who were present at the program. Special
appreciation to Bro. Lewis Tokpa, Director of Communications and his
entire communication team for the job well done.

The Department also launched the branded e-mail of The United
Methodist Church during the period under review. Many of our staffers
are now making use of this new email.

The United Methodist Church continues to provide quality education for
the children of Liberia at all levels since the founding of the nation.

Presently, there are United Methodist Schools built in every county in
Liberia with qualified administrators, faculties and staff members.

One of the persons who have been behind this dream of late is Sis. Helen
Roberts-Evans, a Missionary of GBGM who came to Liberia as a
volunteer under the administration of retired Bishop John G. Innis.
During the episcopacy of Bishop Innis, Helen was appointed as Director
for the Department of General Education & Ministry, LAC/UMC, the
position she served for more than a decade.

In recognition of her valuable services rendered to the LAC/UMC through
the Department of General Education & Ministry, coupled with her years
of service as Missionary with GBGM, she was retired on 18 th December,
This colorful occasion was held at the Marco Prout Dennis Chapel.
During this program, Sis. Roberts-Evans was recognized, honored and
given a Citation for her valuable services rendered the LAC/UMC through
the department. All of the Missionaries assigned to our conference were
in full attendance as organizations/individuals presented gifts to Sis.
Helen Roberts-Evans. Will Sis. Roberts-Evans please stand for a hand of
applause. Thank you, Sis. Roberts-Evans, for the job well done. Though
you are retired, but I know that you are not tired. Negotiations are on the
way to have you assigned to Sinoe County to work with our schools in the
South-Eastern Region. May the Lord be your strength.

Additionally, our only University- (The United Methodist University –
UMU), continues to impact men and women for the future of our country.
One thousand one hundred and sixty-three students graduated in various
disciplines on 30 th January, 2024. Details will emerge in the President’s

The Church is called to pray for those at the helm of leadership, while the
Bible enjoins us to give reverence to the governing authorities in the
nation. This, I believe, we have been doing. Ours is to pray and leave the
rest with God who can transform and renew the minds and hearts of

For the period under review, the Church continues to conduct its affairs
freely consistent with our belief, practice, and tradition. To God be the


My fellow United Methodists, we continue to enjoy the special grace of
God for the choices He gives us to make daily, individually and
collectively. We give God the glory for a very successful and peaceful
elections and subsequent inauguration of His Excellency Joseph Nyuma
Boakai and Hon. Jeremiah Kpan Koung as President and Vice President
respectively of the Republic of Liberia.

Bravo to Former President George Manneh Weah for the level of maturity
exhibited which led to the peaceful transfer of power from the CDC-led
government to the inauguration of the Unity Party Government. All
Liberians deserve commendation for this smooth transition through their
prayers and support. Indeed, Liberia shall rise again, this glorious land of
liberty, shall long and forever be ours.

Therefore, on behalf of the Episcopal Area, the Liberia Annual
Conference, I congratulate His Excellency President Joseph Nyuma
Boakai and Honorable Jeremiah Kpan Koung for their ascendancy to the
Leadership of this great nation! May God Almighty grant them the
wisdom to lead our beloved nation to greater heights.

My fellow United Methodists in the faith, the United Methodist Church
remains a very faithful member of the communities of believers under the
Lordship of Jesus Christ in the Ecumenical Circle. The Liberia Council of
Churches (LCC) provides that umbrella and through it, the Church of
Liberia speaks to the nation on key critical issues.

Your Humbled Servant serves as 1 st Vice President of the Council and
Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the Faith & Justice Network of
Liberia, with some members of our Church serving on some standing
committees of the Council. We are working closely with the New Bishop
of the Lutheran Church in Liberia, Rev. Victor Padmore for the
sustainability of the Liberia Initiative for Food Security (L.I.F.E.) –
Liberia, a project initiated by Bishop D. Jensen Senyenkulo, Former
Bishop of the Lutheran Church in Liberia.

As we informed you last conference year, the issues before us still remain.
However, in an effort to prepare ourselves adequately, an Executive
Committee Meeting through the Conference Secretary was called on
Thursday, July 13, 2023. This meeting was extended to all delegates of
the General Conference, members of the Bishop’s Cabinet, and interested
United Methodists. The meeting was presided over by your humbled
servant along with retired Bishop Arthur F. Kulah, providing support.
There was a one agenda item – to discuss the future of The United
Methodist Church in Liberia.

Education on the current 2016 Book of Discipline which is still the
current Law Book of The United Methodist Church was provided by your
humbled servant as well. It was further clarified that the current Book of
Discipline is being violated by the Western Jurisdiction in the U.S.A; that
this Jurisdiction has openly elected and consecrated a gay and a lesbian as
bishops, something which the Judicial Council has asked to undo – an act
which is against the current UMC 2016 Book of Discipline, but they
failed to do so; same which is causing many churches in the United States
of America to disaffiliate. Some have left and started the Global
Methodist Church, while others have gone elsewhere. It was further
clarified in that meeting that disaffiliation does not apply to the churches
outside the USA; that this clause was approved at the 2019 special called
session of the General Conference for Churches in the United states of
America that wanted to leave.

Following a lengthy discussion on the issue, Retired Bishop Arthur F.
Kulah made it clear that the issue at stake has been debated for more than
fifty years, and we in Liberia have never been divided on said issue. “This
is not a time to divide the Church. We should talk about what is unfolding
and how we will address the future of The United Methodist Church
before going to the General Conference in 2024”, he concluded.

In view of the aforementioned, it was unanimously agreed upon for a
commission to be set up, which we did in that meeting. A Nine Member
Commission was appointed, headed by Dr. Muriel V.G. Nelson as Chair.
The core mandate of the commission was to coin for the conference the
message for our consideration, and to provide education to our members
throughout the Liberia Episcopal Area.

Consequently, the commission submitted its report to your humbled
servant on October 16, 2023. At this session, the report of the
commission will be discussed, at which time, recommendations therein
will be acted upon in preparation for the 2024 General Conference, slated
for April/May in the United States of America.

I therefore call on all United Methodists – Members attending this 191 st
Session of our conference to remain prayerful, and ask God’s intervention
as we discuss and find a common ground before the General Conference.

This is where we are as a Conference – We are United Methodists, and we
should discuss the issues before us as United Methodists.

Death is an unwanted servant who comes at any moment we least expect.
So it was with us during the conference year under review. The cold
hands of death snatched away some of our Pastors, and Lay Persons
including Deaconess Sarah Life of the Refuge U.M.C., Evangelist T.
Augustine Dorbor, presenter of the “Church at Flame” Radio Broadcast,
Rev. Anna Tarr-Sayeh, former Pastor, Peace Island Preaching Point, Fth.
James Toe Worquea, Chairperson of the Conference Journal & Credential
Committee, who was commonly called “FAMILY”, Rev. Dr. Frank L.
Horton, a retired Minister who served the Liberia Annual Conference of
The United Methodist Church for more than a decade. A full listing will
be heard during the Memorial Service in the Committee on Memoirs’
report. May their souls and the souls of all Faithful Departed Saints rest
in peace. Amen!

Brethren in the household of Faith, I am honored to firstly thank my God
for the strength given me during the period under review.

I highly appreciate my office staff; Rev. J. Joel Gould, my Administrative
Assistant, Sis. Awah M. Cole, Executive Secretary, Rev. Dr. Samuel K.
Karyeah, Research Officer in my office, Sis. Esther P.G. Zeogar, Office
Assistant/Care taker, Bro. Lafayette Browne, Protocol Officer, Bro.
Lamin Kamara, Chauffer and Mr. Michael Boeglay, Press Attaché; I am
grateful! A special recognition goes out to Sis. Helen Roberts-Evans,
retired GBGM Missionary for her years of service with the LAC/UMC.
Sis. Roberts-Evans, if you are here, please stand for a hand of applause. A
very big thank you to the entire Episcopacy Committee, headed by Rev.
Dr. Erlene P. Thompson. You were very much concerned about the well-
being of your bishop during the period under review.

To My Hard-Working Cabinet, led by the Dean, Rev. S. Snoh Myers, for
your tireless efforts and dutiful support to the LAC/UMC as you lead your
various districts/circuits.

My grateful thanks and appreciation to our Pastors and Lay Members,
who actually make the conference what it is- who make sacrifices for the
ministry of Jesus Christ. You deserve our praise and honor in this public

To all Ministries, and Agencies, Chairpersons and Directors, our various
Boards, Commissions, Committees and Task Forces of our Conference.
Thanks so much for the job well done. Let me remind you once again
about this African Proverb which says; “If you want to walk fast, walk
alone; if you want to walk far, walk together”.

We have been walking far and gaining success in our various ministries
work because our Partners have been with us in Ministry from the United
States, (GBGM) Europe, Africa and the rest of the globe, for which, I am
most grateful.

To all the People called United Methodists in this Episcopal Area,
including our Missionaries and Global Mission Fellowship for your
unflinching support. Thanks so much!

The last but not the least, to my Life-Long Partner in Ministry, and my
own Rib of thirty-five unbroken years of marriage, Mother Richlain N. K.
Quire who stood by me, serving as counselor and a strong pillar of
support in my Ministry. Thanks so much for all that you did for me
during the year under review. May God continuous blessings be upon you
and our children. Amen!

My Fellow United Methodists, as we close the conference Year-2023 with
all of the challenges, and open the veil of 2024 with the hope of prospects
for the future, I urge all of you to disarm your hearts from the pains and
bitterness you endured in the past for genuine reconciliation. Let me
borrow the concept of our President, Dr. Joseph Nyuma Boakai – “Think
United Methodist, Love United Methodist, Build United Methodist!

May I close with this great hymn of our Church written by Civilla D.
Martin-(1904) – Hymn #130. (New Hymnal) “God Will Take Care of

1. Be not dismayed whatever betide, God will take care of you;
Beneath his wings of love abide, God will take care of you.

2. Through days of toil when heart doth fail, God will take care of you;
When dangers fierce your path assail, God will take care of you.

3. All you may need he will provide, God will take care of you;
Nothing you ask will be denied, God will take care of you.

4. No matter what may be the test, God will take care of you;
lean, weary one, upon his breast, God will take care of you.

Chorus: God will take care of you, through every day, o’er all the way;
He will take care of you, God will take care of you!

Surely indeed, let us not give up. God will certainly take care of us in
these challenging times as we discuss the “Future of our Church”.
I urge you to take with you the Three Simple Rules of John Wesley-
founder of Methodism:




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