By Michael Boeglay | UM News Monrovia

In anticipation of the 191st Annual Session of the Liberia Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church (LAC/UMC), Bishop Samuel J. Quire, Jr. undertook a comprehensive tour, covering six districts in the central region and one circuit across the country.

As the Conference Opening Speaker for the 72nd Annual Session of the Gompa District Conference LAC/UMC, held at the Miller McAllister UMC Ganta Mission in Ganta City, Nimba County, on January 8, 2024, Bishop Quire delivered a powerful message based on II Timothy 4:8-11. The theme, ‘Making it to the finish line,’ emphasized the importance of strength in faith to overcome life’s temptations.

Addressing the conference, Bishop Quire highlighted the significance of unity, love, and peace, cautioning against gossip that can erode any institution or organization. He expressed gratitude to the outgoing District Superintendent, Rev. Aaron O. Yankee, and the entire district leadership for their ten years of dedicated service.

The Gompa district conference, which convened from January 8 to 14, 2024, saw the participation of Deaconesses, Lay Pastors, Lay Speakers, Laity, and conference officials from fifty local churches and over sixty pastors.

Continuing his tour, on January 9, 2024, Bishop Quire attended the 17th-anniversary celebration of the Jorqulleh District Conference LAC/UMC, hosted at the Gbarnga Siaquelleh UMC in Panta Administrative District, Bong County. The conference theme, ‘Together we can make it,’ was based on Nehemiah 3:27-32. Bishop Quire emphasized the need for a renewed mindset and positive thinking for the district to navigate challenges and reach the finish line.

The Circuit Rider ventured into the Kokoyah District for its 45th Annual Session, held at Bacon United Methodist Church in Botota, Bong County. During this gathering, elections were conducted for new officers, including Brother Samuel Karnga as District Assistant General Secretary, Bro. Isaac Kangar as Associate District Financial Secretary, Bro. Solomon Zeogar as Lay Leader, Sis. Mama Duncan as District Treasurer, and Fth. Joseph Bianey as Associate Lay Leader.

Moving on, the 26th Annual Session of the Weala District Conference of the United Methodist Church, held under the theme ‘We can do all things through Christ’ and drawing inspiration from Philippians 4:13, brought together deaconesses, pastors, lay members, and youth from across the district. Bishop Quire, delivering the opening sermon, urged attendees to prioritize Christ in all their endeavors, emphasizing His role as the finisher of their faith.

Expressing gratitude for the support, Rev. J. Methuselah Sackie, the district superintendent, thanked Bishop Quire and Regional Lay Leader Bro. C. Allison Paygar.

The final leg of Bishop Quire’s tour included visits to the and the Gbarnga District’s 77th Annual Session in Yowee Town, Zota District, Bong County, Liberia.

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