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In the heart of Tubmanville, Grand Bassa County, stands a testament to the enduring spirit of community, education, and service – the Camphor United Methodist Mission. Established in 1948 by indigenous leaders, the mission was born from a collective desire to provide equal opportunities for the local people, who felt marginalized compared to their Congo Brothers of Bassa counterparts. Named after one of the pioneering missionaries, the Camphor United Methodist School System has since evolved into a multifaceted institution under the guidance of various directors.

Currently under the leadership of Rev. Robert Tommy, who assumed directorship following the passing of Rev. George M. Mingle two years prior, Camphor Mission continues its legacy of empowerment and service. The sprawling campus boasts a myriad of structures, each bearing significance to the mission’s rich history and commitment to holistic development.

Among the notable buildings is the J. F. Yancy School Building, housing administrative offices and classrooms, alongside the Rev. Dr. Judith A. Stone-Olin Memorial UMVIM Guest House, accommodating guests and visitors. The Solomon W. Willie Dining Hall stands as a tribute to a revered dean, while ongoing construction includes a conference hall for hosting district conferences. Amidst these structures lie the dormitories, clinic, and staff quarters, all integral to the mission’s functioning and community outreach.

Agriculture forms the backbone of Camphor Mission’s sustenance and growth, with vast expanses dedicated to cultivation and maintenance. Surrounded by palm trees and equipped with essential facilities like hand pumps, the campus exemplifies self-sufficiency and environmental stewardship.

Central to the mission’s impact is the George Z. Dean Memorial Clinic, serving not only the campus but also the surrounding communities. Providing vital healthcare services to pregnant women and children, the clinic remains a lifeline, sustained through support from the United Methodist Church’s Department of Health and the General Board of Global Ministries.

Yet, amidst these commendable efforts, challenges persist. Chief among them is the issue of salary, with the administration grappling with a six-month delay in payments. Despite these hurdles, the spirit of resilience and dedication at Camphor Mission continues unabated, fueled by a shared commitment to upliftment and service.

As Camphor United Methodist Mission navigates its storied past and navigates towards an ever-evolving future, its unwavering dedication to community, education, and service stands as a beacon of hope for Tubmanville and beyond.

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