By: Maxwell S. Sayeh | UM News Monrovia

In a vibrant ceremony at the James Edward Marshall Memorial United Methodist Church, the men’s unit ushered in a new era as it inducted a fresh corps of officers. The worship service, held in a packed venue, featured the symbolic turnover of authority, attended by outgoing Men’s President Baryou Wallace, who is also the President-elect of the Monrovia District Men Organization.

During the turnover ceremony, Baryou Wallace expressed his excitement about handing over leadership to an individual widely recognized for their dedicated service within the church at various levels. He urged the incoming Men’s President to wield his authority with wisdom, emphasizing the need for the leadership to glorify God in their actions.

Peter Jackson, the newly inducted President of the church men’s unit, expressed gratitude to the men for entrusting him with the opportunity to serve. He acknowledged the significant financial challenges facing the church and outlined outreach, witnessing, nurturing, and dedication to the work of God as the core values of the men’s organization under his leadership.

In a related development during the induction service, Reverend Morrison Wleh, the Associate Pastor of James Edward Marshall Memorial United Methodist Church, called on Christians to embody a Christ-like spirit of leadership. He emphasized that a true leader is a servant who motivates and inspires people. Reverend Wleh encouraged the officials of the J E Marshall United Methodist Church men’s unit to be God-fearing, as this quality fosters reconciliation and peace within the community. The induction ceremony marked not only a change in leadership but also a renewed commitment to serving the church and community with faith, dedication, and Christ-like leadership values.

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