The Resident Bishop of the Liberia Annual Church, the United Methodist Church encourages graduates
of John Lewis Morris Memorial UM High School to perfectly use what has been acquired for their benefit and
the good of the larger society.

Bishop Samuel Quire said, plans were in the pipeline for the removal of commencement speeches from
the list of actives to be carried out during graduation within the United Methodist School System due to
the attitude of students but was given a second thought from the comportment of graduates from the
John Lewis Morris Memorial United Methodist High school.

He then thanked parents from across the country for trusting the United Methodist School System for
the education of their children.

For his part, the guest speaker Reverend Emmanuel Bailey called on the graduates to do all they can as a
means of acquiring all of the necessary education in order to float in every corner of the world.

He however wants the graduates to journey on the road of a university or a vocational school by aiming
high in selecting the best university or vocational school in the country or abroad that has a long and
robust history of empowering Liberia’s future.

Rev Bailey said, as the graduates travel on the road that goes forward, they should seek and find out
everything that one can about the university or vocational school they may want to attend and at the
same time, they should find out all about the course they intend to get a degree or diploma in.

The 3rd President of the United Methodist University reminded the young graduates that by seeking and
knocking, we commit ourselves to growth because one’s mind will always be open to learning new

‘If you as graduates do not separate yourselves from distraction, the same will separate you from your
goals and as you take up the primary task of making some things good and beautiful out of your own
life; there is a need to exhibit willingness in order to work at it, he said.

In closing, the guest speaker then prayed for God’s protection over them from false friends and true
enemies and however reminded them that what the heart conceives and the mind believes, can and
always be done!

Meanwhile, in his overview of the academic 2022-23, the Principal of John Lewis Morris Memorial UM
High school Glenn Pelenah said the 117 graduates will be missed as they walked out of the walls of the
school while cautioning them to follow their dreams in order for the world to know them.

Principal Pelenah named the construction of a 350 seated auditorium, an additional 3 classrooms for
12th graders, a modern teacher’s launch as well as the renovation of the elementary bathroom done by
the graduating class of 2022/23.

He however named the equipment of the Junior and Senior High library, integrated science liboratory to
WASSCE standard, the elevation of the school’s fence, re-roofing of the administrative building, newly
constructed classrooms and bathrooms as well as the construction of a resovior as challenges and things
that are expected to be done.

Mr Pelenah then expressed frustration at the withholding of student’s result for three out of 7 subjects
that were administered during past exams.

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