By Fth. Lewis Teah Togba, Sr. | UM Radio – Monrovia

The Liberia Episcopal Area, Monrovia District Men Organization, marked the conclusion of its 44th annual Session and 50th annual Assembly Celebration with the election of a dynamic new leadership set to guide its endeavors for the next two conference years.

In a tightly contested race, Baryou Wallace, the local President of James E. Marshall UMC men unit, emerged victorious over James Wisseh, securing 58.84% of the votes (173 votes out of 305). The Election Commission announced the results, highlighting the organization’s commitment to a fair and transparent electoral process.

Other elected officials include Momoh Lumbell as Financial Secretary, Malcom Scott as Financial Vice Secretary for Operations, and Andrew Giahquee as Vice President for Administration. The induction ceremony for the newly elected officers of the Monrovia District Men Organization is scheduled to take place soon.

Amidst the celebrations, the District Superintendent of the Monrovia District Conference, DS Julius Williams, delivered a powerful closing sermon. He urged leaders and members of the Men organization to deepen their connection with God, emphasizing the fleeting nature of time. DS Williams cautioned against pursuing titles and encouraged a focus on righteous actions, reminding all that every individual will eventually reap what they sow. In conclusion, he called on men and Christians in general to seek God steadfastly, steering clear of distraction by earthly positions.

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