By: Maxwell Sayeh | Buchanan

In a powerful message delivered at the 191st Annual Session of the Liberia Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, Reverend Dekontee Johnson, Superintendent of the St. John River District Conference, urged newly ordained pastors to anchor their faith in God’s ability to bring breakthroughs amidst trials.

Addressing the gathered clergy during the ordination service in Buchanan City, Reverend Johnson emphasized the importance of unwavering trust in God as the cornerstone of their ministry. He challenged the ordained ministers to maintain their focus and view God as a mighty fortress, capable of guiding them to success in their pastoral endeavors.

With a heartfelt exhortation, DS Johnson encouraged the ministers to embrace the promises of God’s Word and to approach their missions with unwavering faith in His power to bring about transformation and fulfillment of their calling.

As the newly ordained pastors embark on their journey of ministry, Reverend Dekontee Johnson’s inspiring words serve as a reminder of the profound impact of trust and reliance on God’s providence in navigating the challenges and triumphs that lie ahead.

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